Grounded on the belief that wholeness is accomplished by accorded tranquility of both mind and body, Terra Wellness Spa is the ideal resort spa. "Terra" is a Latin word for earth, extending to oneness with nature. This definition is clearly depicted in the mood and environment of the spa -- all about de-stressing in a calm and relaxing place. Tranquility and serenity are the inspiration behind. Through specialized services, treatments, and facilities, Terra is the perfect haven for guest to float back to reality at their own pace after the treatment.


Terra's Journey
180 minutes / Php 7,500 nett
Terra takes a holistic approach to wellness to provide a path to inner tranquility through custom-designed treatments echoing and gratifying personal needs. Let us guide you on your journey, holistic therapies honoring East-meets-West healing rituals that promote rejuvenation and relaxation.

Body & Sole
120 minutes / Php 3,000 nett, with Traditional Thai Foot
120 minutes / Php 3,000 nett, with Ingham Foot Reflexology
This package combines a relaxing body massage of your choice and a foot therapy treatment to relieve and uplift the spirits.

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Natural Revitalizing Facial
60 minutes/Php 2,200 nett
Using the freshest ingredients such as Cucumber, Calamansi & Pineapple, this natural facial cleanses, tones, gently exfoliates and revitalizes the skin.

60 minutes / Php 3,000 nett
Nourish and hydrate your skin for a moisturized, smoother and healthy skin.

60 minutes / Php 3,000 nett
Soothe your skin while enjoying a relaxing and nourishing treatment that helps increase skinís tolerance, lessens skin sensitivity and redness.

60 minutes / Php 3,000 nett
Brighten your complexion and nourish your skin while providing an ideal skinís resistance to common daily pollutants.

60 minutes / Php 3,000 nett
Rejuvenate your skin to this intensive treatment that visibly reduces wrinkles on the face and neck. Skin is smoother, revitalized, and firmer after this indulgent treatment.

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