Restaurant Verbena
Restaurant Verbena is the multi-awarded gourmet gem of Discovery Country Suites, serving the culinary creations of Executive Chef David Pardo de Ayala. Set in the cozy elegance of this lakeside retreat, Verbena pairs the rich, stimulating flavors of contemporary fusion cuisine with the comforting ingredients of farm-fresh country food. The menu is complemented by a prestigious wine list of renowned international labels. Verbena's hearty country breakfasts are a highlight of every stay at Discovery Country Suites, as are the sophisticated selections of wine and cheese served at sundown.

Ranked Number 2, Top 5 in the Philippines, The Miele Guide 2010/2011 and 2011/2012 editions
Top 25 in the Philippines, The Miele Guide 2009. Awarded
Certified Fine Dining Restaurant by La Chaine des Rotisseurs
Manila's Best Restaurants, Philippine Tatler, 2009/2010/2011

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Featured Dish of the Week
Featured Dish of the Week
Fondness for Fondue. Dip, swirl and savor. The cheery communal experience of sharing a pot of fondue is made much more pleasant in Restaurant Verbena's postcard-pretty setting. Gather round a table with friends and family, and enjoy any of Chef Celmar Ambida's choice fondue creations.
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About the Chef
About the chef

Chef Anthony Raymond, the new driving force in-charge of providing culinary and management direction at the helm of The Discovery Leisure Company, while upholding and surpassing the most stringent of quality standards for both his products and service.

His personal mission as the Corporate Chef for TDLCI is to elevate and showcase the culinary talent in the company. He admits, "One of the reasons that I joined TDLCI was their appreciation for Filipino talent. We are a homegrown Filipino company and I am blessed for inheriting a great group of Filipino chefs and cooks who have the heart, passion, and ambition to succeed in today's kitchen world. The culinary team's hard work and dedication to their craft inspires me in my responsibility to provide them the tools and education to help them succeed in the kitchen." He believes that a kitchen is a team-driven environment and that you can only succeed if the team understands your vision and direction.

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