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Metro Manila's gourmet set has another reason to visit Discovery Country Suites Tagaytay's Restaurant Verbena. Beginning 19 June, the celebrated restaurant will offer fondue selections to its already stellar a la carte menu. "It's our way of enriching the gastronomic experience of our guests and restaurant patrons," explains Chef David Pardo de Ayala. "The fondue concept by itself is not unique. But the enjoyment aspect is enhanced because of our idyllic, postcard-pretty location and ritual of friends and families gathering over a communal pot to cook and relish different scents, tastes and textures is an experience I'm sure everyone will enjoy and appreciate," the Colombian-born award-winning chef concludes.

Chef David will present a focused, albeit formidable selection of the choicest fondues, namely the Classic variety with ementhal, kirsch, white wine. This is fondue at its most traditional presentation, perfect for purists as well as for those making their first foray into this culinary delight. Next is Fondue Al Funghi with porcini mushroom and herbs. This dish highlights the woodsy forest aromas and autumnal nuances of the porcini mushroom, enhanced by fresh Tagaytay Thyme. There is also Fondue Al Gorgonzola with Italian blue cheese. The strong, sharp notes of this blue-veined cheese provide the perfect match to the rich, summery sweetness of Tagaytay cherry tomato.

The Tartufato Fondue - with black truffle puree, showcases the the distinctive flavor and aroma of the prized black truffle. The Tagaytay Harvest features organic tomato, fresh basil and last but not least, a fondue made from Swiss Chocolate for that romantic sweet finale. The Fondue menu is but one of many food & beverage offerings of note by Restaurant Verbena. The outlet has an elegant Wine and Cheese spread available to hotel guests and walk-in diners from 5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. for only P 495+ per person.
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